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Property management

13.01.2021 by Teo

If you have a furnished apartment in the city center, around the universities or next to the Sea Garden and you want to earn an income, but you do not have the time and opportunity to manage it, contact us!

We offer full service for short-term rent – advertising and support in, and other platforms for short rentals, registration at the Municipality, communication with guests, checking them in and out, cleaning, laundry, supplying with kitchen and toilets consumables.

  1. Advantages:

– Regular cleaning of the home;

– Lower depreciation;

– Higher incomes compared to long-term rent;

– Opportunity to use your property.

  1. Disadvantages:

– It is impossible to determine the exact amount of income.


For long-term rents – advertising on the appropriate sites, visits with potential tenants, monitoring the regular payment of rent and utility bills, periodic inspection of the condition of the apartment.

  1. Advantages:

– Constant monthly income.

  1. Disadvantages:

– Higher depreciation;

– You do not have the opportunity to use the apartment during the contract with the tenant.


If you wish, we can hire contractors for repairing work and monitoring them.

Our contracts are flexible according to your preference for our level of commitment to your property.


We guarantee a high income for short-term rent during the summer and if you prefer we can provide students / tenants for long-term until the next summer.